Privatpraxis Orthopädie Frohnau, Berlin - Dr. med. Oleg Surminski

Ambulatory operations


Production of replacement fibrocartilage (microfracture according to Steadman, subchondral abrasion, Pridie drilling):

In the case of complete cartilage lesion of the subchondral bone the aim of the repair process is to provide fibrocartilage cover for the damaged chondral surface. Perforation of the hard bone layer causes blood and bone marrow cells to flow into the damaged cartilage. Some of the released cells are pluripotent i.e. undefined, and still able develop into specialist cells. The direction of their development is determined by the nature of the surrounding area. This means that in an area of damaged cartilage the cells receive information to become cartilage cells and then produce new, replacement fibrocartilage. The type of cartilage damage determines which process is applied.


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