Privatpraxis Orthopädie Frohnau, Berlin - Dr. med. Oleg Surminski

Neural Therapy


already discovered and verified what is known as the ‘Flash Phenomena’, which is the condition in which all bodily dysfunctions immediately disappear upon the injection of a local anaesthetic into the causal interference zone.  The patient is spontaneously pain-free without every having suspected a connection between the interference zone and secondary ailment. Neural therapy after Huneke is wholistic therapy. The vegetative system, along the paths of which both sickness and healing processes takes place, responds to the healing stimulus activated by the local anaesthetic.  Segmental therapy after Huneke involves the pinpointed use of procaine or lidocaine to the affected area. The improvement increases with repeated injections and can lead to complete recovery. This particularly applies to chronic ailments, but also to those caused by an interference area, whereby every area of the body can become an interference area. Injections into the interference area heal disorders, as far as anatomically possible, with the ‘Huneke Phenomena’.

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