Privatpraxis Orthopädie Frohnau, Berlin - Dr. med. Oleg Surminski

Computed Tomography (CT)


What happens during the computed tomography?

During the examination the patient lays on a flat CT-table. According to the area to be examined the table then moves slowly through the opening of the apparatus.

During the examination the patient should remain as relaxed and still as possible and follow any breathing instructions given by the staff.

The duration of the examination depends on the questions that need answering and the area to be examined. It lasts about 10 to 30 minutes.

What alternative methods of examination are there?

The alternative in cases of bone disease is the classical X-ray.

Nuclear spin tomography (magnetic resonance tomography, NMR, MRT) is used in diseases involving soft tissues such as organs, muscle, cartilage or brain tissue.

Sonography is a further diagnostic method in the treatment of these diseases. It is simpl to use, economical and capable of providing good and useful overviews of a number of problems.

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